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Sazagua Boutique Hotel

ancient connection

Your house, in the heart of the Coffee Region.


Surrounded by nature, hummingbirds, fire, friendliness, comfort, privacy, wellness and cuisine. We pay homage to the history of the territory, recognizing our ancestors the Quimbayas and valuing the work of our peasants. In our experiences we evoke the Tribute as a social action focused on the peasant and coffee-growing families of the region, inheritors of ancestral knowledge; In this way we invite each visitor to pay tribute to the work of the hands that till the land, those that produce coffee, those that care for nature and those that weave art; In this way, we restore a little balance to the communities and remember the importance of the human being in relation to the earth, the one that one day our ancestors taught us to take care of.


Sazagua, a secret place to discover.


Plan 1 night 2 people

Rest, gastronomy and nature



-   Lodging with a la carte breakfast

 -  Welcome cocktail

-  Special dinner in the garden.  Start, main course and dessert, glass of house wine.


Bonus price 


Type of rooms 

1. Suite $605,000

2. Premium suite $624,000

3.  Villa $748,000

4.  La Masinga $1,148,000


Terms and Conditions:

Once you choose your gift voucher, we will contact you to make the payment and delivery effective.

The vouchers are non-refundable, in case of any change in your reservation it must be done 5 days before the arrival of the guest.

The bonus can be redeemed between January 15, 2020 and December 15, 2021.

Restrictions for high season.

Easter, school break week.  If used on holidays, the guest must stay a minimum of 2 consecutive nights.

The voucher does not include VAT of 19% (subject to exemption for 2021)

Sazagua boutique hotel - Rest, gastronomy and nature (1 night)


  • Juliana Ramirez

    (57) 313-649-4579

    (57) (6) 337-9895

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