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For this Christmas

Give a stay in one of the

Colombian Secrets


Calanoa - Amazon

What does the bonus include?

2 nights in Calanoa  in a cabin

Full board


Bond Value

Price for 2 people: $900,000


More information with

Marlene de Samper

350 316 72 10


Cannua - Antioquia

Benefit for your customer

Tour and talk of bio-construction and permaculture and sunset walk/hike along our guided pre-Hispanic path with discussion of the flora and fauna of the region.


More information with

Santiago Giraldo Diaz 

(311) 609-9237


House Barichara - Barichara

Benefit for your customer

Tasting local gastronomy Patiamarilla... speaks of the strength of its territory. Of its people, its life and its adaptation to the ecosystem. 

The corn, goat's milk, roasted meat, the sausages... are just an appetizer to share some time of_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cfslocal stories.  


book with

Jorge and Maria Elvira

3125865451 - 3103294380

88-The Luisa copy.jpg

Legacy House - Bogota

Benefit for your customer

Picnic-Spa in the room. A little direct consent to your room, with a little magic, and those simple pleasures that comfort the soul. A little time just for you.

natalia foto-01.png

book with

Natalia Merchan Echeverria

WhatsApp +57 3107549150

Carrera 8 # 69-60, Quinta Camacho


San Agustin House - Cartagena

Benefit for your customer

OnSite Tour through the apartments of the Viceroy, we will relive the afternoons of Gabo and we will visit the most emblematic aqueduct of the 17th century in the heroica. We will finish in our Alma Bar, and we will taste a refreshing signature drink that has given us national recognition as one of the most authentic bars in Colombia.

Casa San Agustin, Janice Gomez.tiff

book with

Janice Gomez-Moreno  

Phone: (5) 6810067

Cell: 3215189358


Yahri House - Barichara

Benefit for your customer

Guided walk through the town to discover the secret artisans of Barichara.


book with

Camila Castano

(318) 659 5074

Hacienda Bambusa 3.jpg

Hacienda Bambusa - Quindio

Benefit for your customer

A 1h massage for 1 person

With a minimum of 2 nights, a 2-hour tour of the hacienda's cocoa plantations


book with

Caroline Uribe

 +57 (300) 778 8897


La Manigua - Caño Cristales

Benefit for your customer

1 Chocolate Experience


book with

John Paul Good

+57 314 756 9808


The islands - Baru

Benefit for your customer

2 bicycles per bungalow, cooking or cocktail class, yoga class, bioluminescence night tour, astronomical tour, Isleta tour (hotel's private island), snorkeling kit, kayaks and paddle board on the beach.


Mini diving practice course in the pool of the Club House of the Hotel Las Islas for two people (per stay).


book with

johanna yepes  

+57 1 3442704


Quadrifolio - Cartagena

Benefit for your customer

A cocktail class Caribbean, revealing the secrets of our magical and exclusive recipes. 

IMG_9804 (1).jpg

book with

Edna Catherine Montañez P.

Cell phone and/or WhatsApp: +300 462 3529


Sazagua - Coffee Region

Benefit for your customer

Gastronomic experience at home.

We invite you to an afternoon of cocktails, paying tribute to the pineapple, a fruit from the region   or a 30-minute couple wellness therapy.

Up grade and early check in according to availability.


book with

Juliana Ramirez

(57) 313-649-4579

(57) (6) 337-9895


Beach Villa - Tayrona

Benefit for your customer

Unforgettable sunset in a magical place with a courtesy cocktail where you can see one of the best views that nature can offer us: River, Jungle, mountain and Caribbean Sea. All in one place.


book with

Astrid Carolina Herrera

322 771 4381

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